Security Warning when trying to log in Innovative Codes System / Website

Getting warnings or errors when trying to access our systems? We know about it, we have pumped the security. Request a certificate to access the systems under extended security.

Recently we have been moving most of our systems such as accounting, mailer, piwik and even the admin section of some sites over to SSL( https:// ) for better security of the client's data however you this will most probably resulted into a security warning like the ones below...

You can stay assured that there is no security risk!

The problem occurs because your browser still doesn't know that this is a super secure connection and to fix this we need to install an SSL certificate. This certificate signals the browser and the web server that we have a high security connection and we can transfer sensitive data.
To obtain this certificate please contact us and we'll email you a small executable file that will fix this issue.


Google Chrome SSL Security Warning( Your Connection is not private )
SSL Certificate is not valid ( Connection is not private error ) - Google Chrome



Mozilla Firefox HTTPS Warning( This Connection is Untrusted )
The Connection is Untrusted - Mozilla Firefox HTTPS Error


Internet Explorer Security Warning( There is a problem with this website's security certificate )
security ceritifcate invalid internet explorer



We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience,
Dev Team - Innovative Codes