The End or the Beginning?

07 Aug 2020

End or Beginning?

For some weird reason many think the world is coming to an end... But is it true? Or is something bigger happening?

Let's be honest... Covid-19 is no joke, real lives are being lost and that is the sad truth of the story, but something wonderful is also happening which we believe should get a bit more attention.

In the past months we've seen a massive, but expected, spike in online retail. Some companies doing 400% more online sales compared to the previous years. Unfortunately but also expected many brick and mortar stores took a massive hit in terms of sales, some due to restrictions, some due to lack of foot traffic, etc... What was not being publicised though, was the massive surge of people opting to switch career mid-pandemic and with the biggest increase being in the self-employed area.

You might be thinking to yourself, are these people crazy?! With financial crisis constant being bombarded in your face, you quit your job to pursue a dream? Truth is, there are 2 main reasons people are doing this.

  1. Some got the idea; Live is too short to work for someone they don't like
  2. They saw a financial opportunity

Let's focus a bit on group #2, what is this financial opportunity? Are people discovering a cure for corona?! We'd love to say yes, but no, the opportunity is that most B2B (business-to-business) companies are failing to meet their quarterly and yearly sales objectives therefore, they are offering services for a fraction of the price that is usually charged.


Hold on? Let's recap

People are quitting their jobs, because they believe there is a financial opportunity, because B2B companies are slashing prices? CORRECT

Since the beginning of 2020 it has become cheaper and easier to setup an online store, heck even us got involved with Coupled with the fact that the vast majority of Europe is choosing to stay at home, means that the returns of these investments is coming much faster than usual.


OK! I need another recap

Opening a new business right now is a smart move because; Services are cheap & online sales are up? CORRECT


What do you think about this phenomenon? Let us know on our social media, is it the end or the beginning of something great?