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Why Innovative Codes

Dreaming of one day having your business recognised all around the world? We can help! Innovative codes is a web development and web design company which focuses constantly on its customer's needs, to create the best, most professional, user friendly  web sites. Ensuring a pleasurable experience for both you and the end-user. Making your job a whole lot easier and putting your business on the map. With consistent feedback, impressive customer service and after sales service we are taking this ever growing market by storm and adapting for every new situation.


We pride our selves in great design and by using the latest technologies in the web industry, Innovative Codes is sure to deliver top notch products every time.



Web Development

We offer a tailor made back-end made for your website needs based off the Silverstripe CMS. This allows us to grow your site easily and effectively as your business grows

Web Design

With years of knowledge and experience in the art of UX & UI design, our design team can really bring a fresh look to your website and mostly importantly assure it works on all platforms

Content Writing

Coming up with great content for your website or blog is not always easy that is why we have enrolled our editor. She can help you organize and input amazing content that your users will love to read


Browsers and user have evolved since the age of text browsers that is why we provide the best analytic platform out there. The data is safely stored in our data centres away from big corporations. This helps build trust with your users yet gives you all the data needed to optimize your site.

Hosting Service

We only use the best servers around, backed with Amazon's guarantee and managed by us directly. No hidden fees, no drama. Just great hosting with 99.9999% uptime

Online Accounts

You need to track all the money you're making and a reliable way of sending invoices and checking up on clients with an easy to use system and nice graphs.

 Our History

Innovative codes was launched back in 2009, for its founder Dylan Grech it was nothing but a little hobby. After managing to create several media players, video players, interactive games, etc... he realized this could easily be turned into a potential career and so started seeking more professional training. From there on his reputation kept getting stronger due to the amazing amount of achievements he accomplished in a short period of time in the web sector. One of which being 'The Duck Messenger' ( An online messaging platform ) which although short lived made quite an impact on the Maltese market. Today Innovative Codes is an ever growing professional web design & development company striving to help all businesses and individuals get their sites online quickly and with minimal investment.


We run a business just like you

Due to the nature of this business, being a small team working for a common goal, we can understand any business related problems you might have. This means that we will wake up at 2 in the morning because your web site is down, we will spend a weekend at the office to get your brochure done, we will login into the analytics while on vacation to check that your site is still performing well. We understand that for every deadline we miss you're losing money, we know that for every minute the site is offline you're losing clients, we know that if your shop branding doesn't match the website branding clients will get confused and that's why we take extra care to avoid these types of mistakes and that is why our clients recommend us. 


I wanted to give a fresh new look to my website and Dylan of Innovative codes managed to do this perfectly. What struck me most is his professionalism and efficiency in building up my website. Moreover the website is also very user friendly and I can update any changes instantly. I am very happy with the outcome and I would recommend innovative codes to anyone who would love to have a great website without any hassle. A very good value for my money. Thanks,
Claire Caprio Mangion C.h.ed dip., Claire Yoga Malta