Is it time to ramp up your online marketing?

Time to grow your online marketing
17 Aug 2020

Time to Ramp?

It's always a good time to grow, but in which areas? how fast?

The short answer is simple; "Yes, of course, always be growing", but in which areas? How to maximise your investment?

Online marketing is too big of a topic to address each and every channel but we'll try to cover the main areas of growth, and the ones with most potential.


Is your Facebook receiving more messages then you can handle?

This is the first clear sign that you're doing something awesome! But it's also a very scary time, because the moment you stop keeping up with messages, is the time bad reviews start flying in. Our recommendation is to start focusing on automated systems in the following order;

  1. Automate Messenger Responses
    Facebook already offers a very good toolbox to automatically respond to the most common questions; "What are your business hours?", "Do you deliver to my locality?", ... and it's FREE! It takes a bit of time to setup, but if done right it can be an extremely powerful tool to improve your customer experience.

  2. Setup or improve your ecommerce store
    As a customer there is nothing more frustrating than; "pm me for price" and if you're doing this, STOP NOW! Your product is good, you probably also did quite a lot of market research to select the correct price point, so don't shy away from advertising your price. More importantly let your customers buy it directly from your online store. There are a limited amount of hours you can stay awake, and even less that you can spend answering messages about price, but your online store doesn't sleep!

  3. Setup a mailing list
    Your customer has invested the time into reaching out to you, he/she is very likely interested into seeing more of your products in the future, so ask for their email, and let them know about new products and offers through a short email. This marketing technique has been so perfected over the years, it's basically impossible to go wrong here.


Your main source of traffic is through "word of mouth"

Word of mouth is the best source of marketing by far, your products or services are so good that people are willing to recommend you for free! But this is also a very unpredictable technique, you simply can't control when someone will recommend you and how will they recommend your business. It's time to optimise;

  1. Ask people to put their recommendations on your Facebook page
    If someone was happy to recommend you to their friends, it's very likely they are willing to recommend you publicly. This will let you monetize your social traffic much better, as now you have concrete proof of your products/services to show your prospects.

  2. Setup a "Refer a friend" system
    This is not for everyone and can take some serious investment to work properly, but if it does, sky is the limit! With "refer a friend" your existing customer base is turned into a hungry sales force that simply want to sell, sell, sell. This also allows you to predict growth trends as you monitor how your referrals are doing over time.


Your website hasn't received an update in over 2 years or it's slow to load

Do we need to say more? Update your site right now! More than 40% of your customers will view your website before proceeding to a purchase of any sort, so let's take a guess; If the site looks like s***, do you really think you'll get the sale?

BONUS: Integrate your social media into your website to provide a seamless flow for your customers, make them feel at home.


Most of your clients call or email directly to buy your products

It's true, there is a big chunk of the population that still prefers face-to-face or direct purchasing, as it gives them peace of mind, but this trend is slowly changing, with many millenials and newer generations preferring to buy online. If you do have a website but your customers are still opting to call you directly, it simply means it's time to improve your website;

  1. Analyse the user journey
  2. Integrate better payment gateways
  3. Provide space for comments/reviews


What do you think about our recommendations? Do you think we should have included more? Let us know on our socials below.