Understanding your customer is the most important thing in business. A good analytic tool will help you understand.

Being able to track the users on your site is crucial these days but not all systems will suit your needs.

Here at Innovative Codes we have decided to go with the Piwik Platform. Piwik is an open-source anayltic tool that has some advantages over other products such as Google Analytics. First and most important being that the data is stored on our servers away from curious eyes of Google and the ever growing debate that NSA has all this data at it's disposal, in our case that's definitely not true since we're the only people to have access at this data and most of it is encrypted anyway.

Piwik also gives us a great advantage over other system such as we can use your tracking data to deliver better content on your site, as a quick example: We can assume you upload 2 banner ads to your site and want to show the most relevant 1 to that user. We can use the data from Piwik to do so and therefore help you sell your product.


Why do I need all this analytic data?! This is too much!

Most start-ups thought this way, we don't need all this data, we just need a visitor counter and let's get done with it. Then their business started picking up and decided to create a marketing campaign so they approached a marketing firm and the first thing the marketing firm asked was: "Can I see your analytic data please?".

Analytic data is crucial. You need to understand your customer and evolve with him/her, without analytic data it's like trying to kill a deer with a bi bi gun while blind folded, you're just going to run in circles until running out of ammo. Using the same analogy as above, once you have the analytic data you're going to be trying to kill a deer with a sniper rifle and perfect eye sight.


But how do I use this? It seems complicated

This is where the beauty of Piwik comes to live. Piwik allows you to be super technical and create reports and all that fancy things however it realizes that most people don't use those type of features but only want to see how many people saw their site, from where they came and a couple of other things. That why once you open up piwik it greets with that data in a nice graphical format that anyone can understand.


How much does it cost?

It's actually completely FREE, due to the nature of the product Piwik is completely free. The only thing you need is some server to host your data and you're ready to rock. We offer such services so just send a message here and we'll gladly give you all the details.