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With more connectivity, and competition in the digital space being at an all time high, your website or web app needs to meet increasingly complex and demanding challenges. Not to worry, we'll get it sorted.


At Innovative Codes we've nurtured an in-house content management system that is fully customisable to each business's needs. This system built on top off the renowned Silverstripe CMS, provides great flexibility when it comes to customising your website, whilst making sure that every page is consistent, it takes care of all the optimisations automatically, such as; automatic resizing of images, automated meta data, automated link updates, redirects, etc... All of this whilst being one of the most secure and performant systems, in the market to date.


This system also enables us to make changes, much faster than any other system out there. Apart from this, all the changes are kept in a history system which allows reverting of content, with a simple click of a button.

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