Dylan Grech

Dylan's love for technology and being drunk in a bar created Innovative Codes, a start up that picked up speed like crazy

Dylan Grech

Dylan has always been thrilled with technology and looking to expand his knowledge in the field of the electronics but he would have never guessed that he would have ended up as a web developer and founding a very successful business.


The whole story started back in 2009 when Dylan had his career path set and his dream was to become a successful DJ. He quickly realized though that he had a major drawback compared to other DJs, he did not have a web presence and it was getting extremely hard to get the word out. He knew he had to do something however he didn't have the money to hire a web developer so he decided to educate himself in simple HTML and Flash. Flash was a major thing back then and most websites used that technology because it enabled web developers and designers to include really nice animations. Dylan quickly found out that programming was like second nature to him and quickly learnt how to create a website and even very cool widgets like media players.


The DJ career was quickly picking up however Dylan had his target set to keep learning about the web and in 2013 created Duck Messenger a twist on social networking. This was another major success, however due to financing of the project it was very quickly put to the side.


At this point Dylan had quit DJing and focused solely on web design & development and had created around 10 very successful sites. These sites scored him a job as a web developer at Highlight Media Group, where he extended his knowledge even further and nowadays is extremly proud to run this company Innovative Codes.


He assures everybody that is just the beginning and more greater things will come in the future.