Websites, Marketing & More

Innovative Codes is a web services company based in Malta specializing in Web Design, Development, Optimizations and SEO. We also provide tools such as Mass Mailers and Print Design amongst others.


Innovative Codes started out as a hobby for Dylan Grech to experiment in the field of software development back in 2009. He started out by creating flash widgets such as media players, video player, interactive games, etc... This proved to be a very effective for his career as a DJ back then as it helped him expose his music in a very professional manner without hiring anyone to do this kind of work for him. As the DJ career started fading, he realized that software development could potentially turn into a career and started seeking more training from all possible sources. This keen need to learn sky rockets his test scores at school especially when it came to software development. A couple of years past and he was ready to take on the Maltese market by storm by re-inventing a new type of social media. He called it Duck Messenger and it was crazy. His friends loved it. However this project proved impossible to maintain very quickly, bills started piling up and since this system was free there was no real income. However he kept on going and created a wonderful system that got him started in the business. Nowadays Duck Messenger has been shut down however Dylan's reputation gets stronger and stronger due to the amazing feats he managed to accomplish in just a short period of time and the level of quality his work brought to the table with every new client.


Mission Statement

We strive on a daily basis to the bring the best of the best at the most competitive prize. We don't only please the eye of the end-user but want to give our customers the most pleasurable experience while working on their sites. With consistent feedback and impressive customer service we are taking this ever growing market by storm and adapting for every new situation.


Where are we Heading

No one knows where Innovative Codes will be in 10 years time simply because this is such a fast paced market. However we are pretty confident that we will be here delivering even better software services then today.

Team Members

Innovative Codes was founded by Dylan Grech in 01-01-2013