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Design is one of the biggest elements in any marketing tool. Learn how Innovative Codes does this and how it can help your business.

Web Design is an art by all rights and with today's technology there are no limitations. So why would you settle down for a design you kind of like?


What's the whole point of having a super good looking website that everybody shares and nobody understands what that website is trying to sell? Your website needs to be the extension to your business and not just a pretty door mat and that is where we come in. We don't always go for the most eye pleasing site design however we make sure it delivers the message loud and clear. Let's use innotivecodes.com as example... It's definitely not the nicest website in the world however right away it's design gets to you and makes you understand that this website is mainly directed to businesses however it's being casual in a formal environment giving the hint that we're doing something different. It also entices curiosity to anyone looking to buy a website in Malta because we cover a lot of topics in here and it also shows that the site is mainly an information site. And we got all this just from the design of the site!


These are the reasons we emphasis so much on our clients, to focus on the design first and for most. Before choosing a design we will not start any development under any circumstance for this simple reason. Design is king when it comes to any marketing tool such as websites, print media, commercials, etc...


Colours are the keyColours are key

Colours are the main focus for any good designer. Colours trigger emotions and choosing the wrong colour may very easily push customers away. This was a big problem on Google+ when it came to confront Facebook. Facebook uses a nice relaxing blue while Google+ used a very vibrant red. Blue triggers very calming emotions and appeals to most people to lay back and have a chat while red triggers a sense of urgency, do what you need to do and get out. Google realized this in the past years and resorted a more relaxing grey. Even though we don't agree with the idea since grey for most people triggers a sense of seriousness it still was a step in the right direction.


Speed is of the essence

Another very important thing when it comes to website design is speed. A very fancy design that takes ages to load doesn't cut it any more. All the good web designers these days are aiming for super speed and when it comes to speed it's not just the loading speed but also the time it takes to find stuff on the site and get stuff done. Google understands this concept very well and will penalize websites that are slower or perceived as slow.


It has to make sense

At the end of the day it's all about those little comprises for the bigger picture and here is the area were innovative codes is brilliant in. Sometimes you have to decide between design and speed or design and functionality. To make these decisions it takes a lot of experience and from here is where we promise incredible products. We know how to take these decisions and we know what's best for you and your business.


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