Discover a little bit about our CMS ( Content Management System ) and other options to keep your Innovative Codes site fresh and updated.

We have come a long way from the static sites in the 80's and 90's. Our websites today change constantly, some have banners that change according to your locations, some have news feeds, some have image feeds, social network connectivity and all this cool stuff.
Most of our websites update automatically to reduce maintenance costs however some human input up till today is still needed for things like; Writing articles, modifying images, matching colours and so on.
That's why we grabbed the Silver stripe CMS, a very robust CMS( Content Management System ) and modified it to make it look better, perform better and deliver an exquisite experience to our customers.


What does a CMS do?

This is quite a common question amongst people that are thinking of getting a website built for them for the first time, so don't be ashamed if you didn't know, it's a very very common question. To explain briefly, consider the CMS as your toolbox to create /  modify endless things on your website such as; Banners, Images, Text, Fonts, etc... etc...


Are all the Content Management Systems the same?

All CMS should perform 2 basic tasks; Create / Modify pages on your website. However that doesn't mean that they are the same, actually they are all world's apart. Some focus on ecstatics, while some focus on sheer speed, while others just try to get the job done. We have decided to go with Silver stripe because it's extremely powerful and flexible and with the design work with did on it... Well let's just say it looks down on most of the other systems out there.


What type of features does this awesome CMS offer?

We cannot really answer this question because every CMS is built for the client however there are similarities for example;
Every CMS installation comes with it's own image handling software that allows for basic editing, obviously page editing tools and also a security manager which allows you to add / remove people who can login your site. It also comes with an array of global settings, such as site name management and theme selector amongst others.


But I don't want to manage my site, can you do it for me?

Sure we can. Simply fill give us a call and ask for site maintenance plan which with a small yearly fee will include full site maintenance including content management and SEO( Search Engine Optimization ).