NaraTV website

NaraTV entrusted Innovative Codes with delivering a website to showcase their products and services in a user friendly manner...

Project Description

Naratv have been on the for front to deliver the IPTV service to customers all across the globe but mainly focusing on the Maltese and UK markets. As Innovative codes, we promised yet delivered more then expected. These clients where truly impressed and that is exactly what we want from each and every customer.


This site is highly informative and due to it's nature will take some to mature, however NaraTV have already seen amazing results with their sales go up by as much as 50% after just a few weeks of launching the site and with our collaboration we are claiming that these numbers will go even higher.


Have a look at this website and discover for yourself why they were so thrilled with the result.

Project Details

Client: NaraTV

Status: Published on 2014-02-19

Genre: Entertainment

Copyright: © NaraTV , Innovative Codes - 2014

Version: 1

Client Feedback

Thanks for the follow ups you're doing to our site and constant feedback!

, NaraTV