Claire Yoga Malta Website

Claire wanted to re-design her website we found out some issues with her current content and performance. It turned out we needed to completely re-do the site...

Project Description has been a great project to work on. Even though it spanned for just over 2 months we over delivered and gave Claire a website to be proud of. 


This project started out as just a simple re-design but as we instructed her on the potential she was missing out, it immediately got clear that we had her attention, the website is beautiful to say the least and with these new features Claire is now able to change her site how she pleases while we make sure it keeps looking good.


We even changed her hosting service to use ours and she saw a drastic site load speed difference going from around a minute to less then 2 seconds which is quite impressive consider the amount of data and fanciness of the site.


We're looking forward to continue our work on this site in the future with even more features and more flexibility.

Project Details

Client: Claire Caprio Mangion Claire Caprio Mangion C.h.ed dip.

Status: Published on 2014-05-31


Genre: Yoga Education

Copyright: © Claire Caprio Mangion , Innovative Codes - 2014

Version: 1

Client Feedback

I wanted to give a fresh new look to my website and Dylan of Innovative codes managed to do this perfectly. What struck me most is his professionalism and efficiency in building up my website. Moreover the website is also very user friendly and I can update any changes instantly. I am very happy with the outcome and I would recommend innovative codes to anyone who would love to have a great website without any hassle. A very good value for my money. Thanks

, Claire Yoga Malta