Web Performance

Is your website fast enough for your users? How does a slow website affect my business? What are the benefits of a speedy website? Why do we care so much?


This is soooooo slowwww!!!

This website is so down?!

Did a decade just pass by?

Is my internet connection down?!


According to a survey conducted by Google and Yahoo independently, these are some of the most common reactions when users where faced with a website that took longer then 2 seconds to load. 2 SECONDS! Does anybody care about those 2 seconds seriously?!


According to these studies, 2 seconds is all it takes to push a customer away from your product and when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Most people in the world don't know anything about software and have no clue that each software project is different ( fortunately this mentality is changing ). This means that most people that use Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and all these cool sites think that all the other sites in the world should perform as good. However that statement is also kind of wrong because Bing found out that just by adding 500ms( THAT'S JUST HALF A SECOND ) to their search results page, users click through went down by as much as 60%! That's why Google decided to include site load speed as one of their many ways to judge a website.


That is insane! Why is speed so important?!

It's actually not insane at all, our minds got used to a computer being very fast therefore we need to provide this speed or we will loose ranking, credibility and at the end of the day money. Ouch that's a big one! We don't want to loose money, we better bring in some speed. Can I put a turbo on this thing?


Actually... you can put a turbo on your website or any other software project and in the software business we call that turbo optimization.


drag car 2

Time to Optimize! Time to go Fast!

Optimization is a very intelligent way to speed up your programs without the extra cost of hardware and it will revolutionize your business. Let's take a very straight forward example:

A farmer has 100 cows and it takes him 30 minutes per cow to get the milk so that's 50hrs of work to milk 100 cows. What can he do to optimize his job?
Option 1: Hire a helper. That makes sense, 2 workers = half the time, right? Wrong in reality it would take 2 workers about 30 hrs each to complete the task, so that's no optimizing that's essentially loosing money.
Option 2: Lean to work faster. My boss asks me to do this all the time... Will it make so much difference? Not really it will probably increase his efficiency by about 10% and that's it.

So what do we do?
We automate. Instead of paying an extra worker, we use that money to invest into a piece of equipment that does the milking for the farmer, so now the machine will do the 50hrs of work the farmer used to do and the best part is... The machine doesn't need to stop, so the farmer can get more cows in and essentially make more money.


So the guys at Innovative Codes are farmers?

I can assure you we're not actual farmers, but we kind of do the same thing. We create automated tasks to reduce the work load of our clients and also use these automation techniques to speed up the app. We need to explain this. How does automation speed up my app? Humans do mistakes, software doesn't. To present human made items on your app we would need to do a lot of checking to make sure what you did will look good, will not break the app, complies with the guidelines of the site and your business, however with software we don't need that. Software will be 100% accurate every time, all the time and that is why automating tasks makes the app faster.


But it doesn't end here

We cannot only rely on automation, badly written code will slow down any app and bad engineering will also slow down a site that's why we take it to the next step. All our code is benchmarked and tested against the highest standards in the industry Google. We will compare our products with Google's products and if they are slower = they go back to the drawing board, simple as that.



We love speed and we will write more about it so keep visiting our site and for a free consultation remember to send a message here. We would love to speak to you and will love to make you more money.