Loss of Data?! Not here... Backup System launching today

Did you ever delete stuff from your website and spend hours or days re-creating it? Didn't you wish you had a backup of that data? We have the answer.

Loss of Data?! Not here... Backup System launching today

Our backup server takes a backup of your website every 24 hours so you can go back to when your website was great again. 



Say no to painful data recovery

With this simple but powerful system all you need to do is to send us an email and we will restore your website to it's full glory.

We would love to write to you a 1000+ words explaining how we achieved this, but really what is there to explain? 


How it works

Our backup server visits your site every 24 hours and copies it's data and database to the backup server. When a problem arises you just send us an email and we will restore that data back on your website. Simple, no? 


How much does it cost and what do you need?

First off all you need a website...
Then you need to give us ftp / scp / sftp access or any other method which allows us to log in your site and download it's contents.
Then you need to give us database access so we can download your database.
That's it... Sounds complex? Your web master can provide you this information with a click of a button.

So much does it cost?!
With just €10 a year you get the basic system!
For more complex and more frequent backups contact us for a quote. 


What about security? Will your data be safe?

There are a million ways we could answer this but let's put it this way... Your data will be stored into multiple servers across different continents. The data is only accessible by us and is encrypted in a way that it would take the biggest computer in the world 100 years to decode it. So it is safe to assume that your data will be very secure.


What is planned for the future of this system?

We are definitely not planning to launch rockets with it, but we are planning to have an easy-to-use interface where you can backup and restore your data on demand without the need to contact us. 


Would you like to know more?

Give us a call or send us an email in our contact us section and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.