Innovative Mailer Released

The Innovative Mass Mailer allows you to stay connected with your clients with ease on an online platform. It makes it easy to add users, send emails and have users subscribe

Innovative Mailer Released

Are you tired of sending emails one by one? Are you using the full potential of your mailing list?

We have just released the answer to these questions and more!


Innovative Mailer has been in the pipeline for about 6 months now and we were working our butts off to make a system which is robust, secure and easy to use. We wanted this system to be intuitive to such extend that anyone can use it without any training and we finally got it. This mailer allows you send emails out to all your mailing list at once without any hassle, just write your email and click send. It's that easy! However the system doesn't end there, it also provides all legal coverage and monitoring tools to see what happened with those precious emails. It will give you reports on how many emails you sent, which ones where read, how many people stopped their subscription after reading which email and so on.


But why would need a mass mailer like this?

In our opinion every business should use a mass mailer for the simple reason; to keep contact with your clients. We don't want you to spam your contact list with useless information however with a mailing system like this you can easily send out Christmas greetings, business updates, product releases and so on. Thus keeping your clients engaged even after exiting your store / website. On the other hand if you already have been doing such thing, you should start using this mailer to make your life easier and more productive.


What is planned for the future?

There are a lot of plans for the future but mainly these are the current top priorities:

- Subscribe using Social Media such as Facebook / Google+
- Implement calendar so that you can write an email ahead of time and the system sends it out for you
- Include more tracking and reporting systems
and some others.


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