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Here at Innovative Codes, we pride ourselves of an excellent customer service around the island of Malta, so try out us out and send us your message. One of our team will read it and reply as soon as possible.



We understand that your schedule is very tight and we don't want to waste your time so here's some frequently asked questions and answers.


Will the website be tailor made for me or do you guys have some standard template which you use for everyone?
Yes, every website is tailor made for you and your business. We hate the idea of using templates that is just not professional and does not represent our business. We might go ahead and buy a theme for you if we think it's good for you however we'll modify it so it's represents you 100%


What will I get with my website?
With every website we give a set of products to compliment your website and business and amongst these we find; CMS, Analytics, SEO, listing in our portfolio, professional advice how to market your site & tons of free modules to add to your site. Such modules include: Contact Us, Sitemap, Social Links, File Handler, etc... We'll also include some more site specific stuff such as a mailer module but we'll decide these according to your site.


Be honest, what's the after sales service like?
Our after sales service is what we believe to be best we can deliver. We don't care if you are a one-time client or a recurring client, we will give you 100% attention; before, during and after your product has been created. We will from time to time send you a mail with some feedback, new promotions and every client is eligible for any promotions we do and will receive all new updates we release.


I've read a lot of cool things here but now let's talk business. What's the price for all this goodness?
Have you ever heard the phrase "You get what you pay for" ? We don't agree with that statement we will give you same product and quality our competitors give at around 75% of that price because we don't only compete with the local market. We want to be competitive all across the EU and not only Malta, that's why you want to send us that message right now and get in touch.


I just want some consultancy on how to improve my site. Can you help? 
Yes definitely, send us a short message with a link to your site, we'll have a look at it and send you a full report free of charge and you're free to come back so we can help you materialize that report or take it somewhere else. We do this just because we trust in our customers and this blind trust in you that earns us such respect with our customers.